Everything About Starting A Rose Garden!

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Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. They are also simply beautiful flowers that compliment any home, landscape or garden. Beginning a rose garden may sound like a romantic endeavor, and it should be, but there are some basics skills that you will have to master first before setting off on your quest of becoming a renowned rosarian!

Probably the most important factor to consider when planning your new rose garden is climate. Once you've identified which rose species will flourish in your area, you can start with the fun process of choosing colors, sizes and types.

You local nursery is often a good source of information for all things gardening in your area. Beginning a rose garden is no different. Speak to your nursery manager or owner for advice and tips on growing roses, diseases, pruning and daily care. Many towns an cities also boast active rose societies and clubs. Consider contacting and joining one of these before or after you start your rose garden. It's a great way to make friends and learn from other rose enthusiasts.

We hope that you'll immerse yourself in the world of roses and that starting a rose garden will be the first step to a life-long love affair! This site is loaded with informative articles for every aspiring rose gardener. Enjoy reading and come back often for more updates.

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